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Providing psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

Individual Psychotherapy: I work with people from the teen years through the end of life.

My particular interests include:

Teenagers and young adults who are trying to establish a life apart from the expectations of family, friends and the culture at large. This is a fertile and fruitful time to address childhood experiences which may be blocking the way forward.

Mid-life adults whose lives are often complicated, messy, stressful and challenging. I help them to understand their own priorities and provide simple tools to relieve stress, giving them the perspective they need to reflect on their changing needs and make more life affirming choices.

Adults who've lost a loved one through death, or who are struggling with other significant losses. Together, we find ways to honor their loved one, or their loss, and construct a future that incorporates aspects of this loss that are important to them.

Also: depression, anxiety, spiritual issues, life transitions

Couples Counseling: I work with married, unmarried and pre-married couples; gay, lesbian and straight couples; dating and wondering about commitment couples, parents and children, brothers and sisters, friend and friend: in fact, any two people who want to improve their relationship.

My particular interests include:

Couples in the first 7 years of a committed relationship whose differences are beginning to threaten the vision they hold for their relationship.

Couples in which one partner is facing a terminal diagnosis.

Couples facing a significant life change, like the birth of a child, and who want to prepare as well as they can for the effects of this change on their relationship.

Consulting with couples for short periods over the length of their relationship: Problems are always easier to deal with before they become entrenched, and if that is true for individuals, it is more than triply true for couples. Seek a consultation early, do a short round of therapy, and see how much your relationship is enriched. Come back for refreshers when problems threaten to reappear, rather than waiting until things are so bad you're worried about whether you'll stay together. In the long run, you will spend more time really enjoying your relationship - and you'll spend less money! - than if you wait until you absolutely, absolutely have to go. And therapy is much, much cheaper than divorce!

Workshops I love to give workshops!

I am happy to prepare a workshop or special presentation of from 1 ? 3 hours around a particular issue or for a specific group. Current workshops include:

What is all this stuff about Mindfulness?: An Introductory Workshop

Living Free: Letting go of Resentment

Women on Fire: Navigating the Mid-Life Passage

The Importance of Self-Care

Coming soon:

The Power of Acceptance

Journeying Light: Letting Go of the Past and Giving Yourself a Fresh Start

Workshops Presented at Phillips' Graduate Institute:

Is it Me or My Problem?: An Introduction to Narrative Therapy

Family Violence: Working with Partners

Family Violence: Working with Parents

Adolescent Girls and Their Intimate Relationships: Balancing Intimacy and Identity